The venue includes a private island with a farmhouse on it, situated in De Âlde Feanen national reserve near Earnewald.

The island is situated in the middle of De Âlde Feanen and stretches over more than 100 acres. It includes all the qualities that make De Âlde Feanen so special: polders, ditches, breeding grounds for birds and stunning views. You can walk around the whole island on a 4-kilometer-long path.

The farmhouse was built in the 19th century. At the front you’ll find a big living room with an open fireplace and a fantastic view over the island, a huge kitchen with dining space for 12 persons and the enormous barn room “de deel”. You can use the deel for meetings and seminars and by night you can transform it into a disco venue for a big party! 13 bedrooms with 34 beds and a large number of bathrooms complete the farmhouse.

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